Monday, February 25, 2008

Karl Rove Misstep [Updated]

Yeah, what do I know. But this flat out denial that he knows or ever knew Dana Jill Simpson seems risky. How hard could that be to prove?

Here's video of last night's 60 Minutes report on this story. And Scott Horton of Harper's has been the point man on this story for a while now.

An overview of the entire story is here.

Update: Interesting how Rove keeps saying, "I never worked on any campaign with that woman," in what is an obvious attempt to discredit Simpson's credentials as a "Republican operative." The thing is - this isn't about a "campaign," unless you call what he is accused of doing a campaign of sorts. That seems like avoidance.

On top of that, Simpson's "Republican operative" credentials seems to be pretty well documented:

A month before his sentencing on bribery charges, a Republican lawyer named Dana Jill Simpson, from Rainsville, in the northeast corner of Alabama, wrote and signed a sworn affidavit that claimed the case had been directed from the White House and the governor's mansion from the outset.

Simpson had volunteered to work for many Republican candidates over the years, including Alabama Gov. Bob Riley and Ten-Commandments Judge Roy Moore. She even got involved with Karl Rove's good friend, William "Bill" Canary, who now runs the conservative Business Council of Alabama, through the governor's son Rob Riley. She has known Riley since running against him for Student Government Association president at the University of Alabama in 1987. While Riley has publicly denied being closely associated with Ms. Simpson, she has boxes full of records to prove they worked side-by-side on legal cases over the years.


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