Friday, February 22, 2008

Report: Rove Wanted "Compromising Sexual Position" Photos of Gov. Siegelman

C&L and AP on what's coming Sunday on 60 Minutes:

According to the CBS statement, Simpson says Rove approached her at a 2001 meeting, when Siegelman was still governor.

"Karl Rove asked you to take pictures of Siegelman?" reporter Scott Pelley asks.

"Yes," Simpson replies.

"In a compromising sexual position with one of his aides," Pelley says.

"Yes, if I could," she responds.

Simpson was a Republican operative in Alabama who broke ranks because, she says, of the injustice done to Siegelman (there's some background on that in the story). Further on:

Says Grant Woods, the former Republican attorney general of Arizona and one of those who petitioned Congress, “I haven’t seen a case with this many red flags on it that pointed towards a real injustice being done,” he tells Pelley. “I personally believe that what happened here is that they targeted Don Siegelman because they could not beat him fair and square,” says Woods.

Rove refused to appear on the 60 Minutes episode. Should be interesting TV.


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