Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why Does the Pentagon Hate the Troops?


It would appear that we have another case where the Bush Pentagon, particularly the Office of Public Affairs is forcefully inserting itself into the civilian election process. Earlier today I referenced Barack Obama's anecdote from Thursday night's Democratic debate about an Army Captain in Afghanistan who said his unit had had to get from captured Taliban ammunition they weren't able to get quickly enough through standard Army supply channels. ABCNews' Jake Tapper talked to the soldier in question, who confirmed the story he'd told Obama. Now NBC News also appears to have confirmed the story by talking to the Army Captain in question.

But Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman is telling reporters he doesn't think it's true and that of course they can't confirm it unless the soldier -- still on active duty -- comes forward to discuss the issue with the Pentagon brass, a step that would surely do wonders for his future in the Army.

Stay classy, Pentagon spokesman, stay classy.

FOX News, no surprise, sides with the spokesman and against the soldier. Buried in the article, however, they do give the Army Captain's story:

The Army captain Obama mentioned later told FOX News that in fact he and his platoon were fighting near the Pakistan border with only three Humvees, one of which had no doors and no roof.

The captain, who asked not to be identified, said his mounted machines guns stopped working and without the proper parts to repair them the troops were forced to scavenge for Taliban weapons. The captain said he met Obama in 2003 and later told his story to an Obama staffer.


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