Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bomb Blasts in India

At least four bombings in India, in Ahmedabad in the western state of Gujarat. (More at the Hindustaniat blog.)

Yet another Indian blog on the story.



Anonymous said...

Oh quick, Barack. Run over to India to talk to the Indian Mujahadeen. They are angry and upset with the US' horrible policies and as a world citizen you should be able to placate them. Give a speech telling them "People of Islam. people of Islam. This is OUR moment. this is OUR moment."

LT said...

If I were that dumb I'd post anonymously, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree if I were dumb I would be posting anonymously too with some stupid comments.
I feel ashamed and helpless to endure this terror everyday in my own country. I really wish my country’s political leaders are like George Bush!! Yes George Bush, as far as sending a stern message is concerned, I think he is correct. (Keeping aside the Iraq blunder, which I disagree with). We need freaking ACTION!!

How the hell on this earth with a billion strong population can be terrorized day by day by these scum? We are a failed people and a sleeping society. We have no guts!! The kind of rage I am feeling, I am sure there are many others who are also feeling, but why can’t be channelize our energies to fight off this evil?

I feel scared to death to think about the coming society for my children in the next 20-30 years. How can a 80% majority Hindu population be scammed and terrorized by these handful terrorists?? Do we have f***ing no guts whatsoever????

I am saddened to the core, miserable not to know how to counter this annihilating force? Shame on India.. Shame on Hindu population particularly and more so Shame on the Muslim population!!!

LT said...

Well, that's a heartbeaking message, nirajkmr. My hope for you and our world is that Barack Obama becomes president, the U.S. becomes a more sensible nation, and that we work with sensible people all over the world to get rid of the bastards, and help stop such groups from forming.

Best of everything to you

jm said...

anonymous you are retarded.

To the people of India:

We are so saddened by these bombings and the heartbreak they have brought, it is pure Evil and God WILL have his revenge. In the meantime we will pray for the families strenth and peace and for the wounded to be quickly healed, our hearts and prayers reach out to you.