Monday, July 28, 2008

Dead Man Was Taser'd Nine Times in Handcuffs

The case goes to the grand jury:

Baron "Scooter" Pikes, a 21-year-old sawmill worker, had tried to run from police in Winnfield, Louisiana, when they tried to arrest him on an outstanding warrant for cocaine possession.

But a coroner's report found Pikes had been handcuffed and on the ground when first hit with the Taser and might have been dead before the last two shocks from the 50,000-volt device were delivered.

He taser'd him because he wouldn't stand up fast enough. Jesus. Then he covered it up and said Pikes was high on cocaine and PCP. But drug tests came back negative.

Now to a Louisiana grand jury.



Anonymous said...

If drugs were legalized this kid would not have died. There would be no reason for him to get arrested in the first place. According to The Lancet alcohol & tobacco & prescription meds kill more people than all illegal drugs combined.

Anonymous said...

a coke dealer that was running from the cops? they should have just shot him.

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest. Has anyone following this story ever had a taser used on them. The guy was in handcuffs first of all so chances are the officer had the situation under control after the first two uses of the taser gun. 7 tasers later we have a new meaning to the term "over kill" It is absolutely ridiculous and the fact that we have cops like this simply enrage me.

Real truth said...

That Anonymous Idiot should learn to read. It said drug possession, not distribution. But I would expect some idiotic comment to come from some posters. The bottom line is he was hand cuffed, on the ground. The guy that killed two people in Tennessee this morning was walking to the jail, and he killed. The difference, the killer was white, the drug user was black. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Here you dirty, cowardly crackers go again.