Sunday, July 27, 2008

Horrible News Out of Knoxville [Updtd 3]

A member over at Daily Kos has terrible news about his church.

Some man entered our church with a shotgun and started shooting indiscriminately into the sanctuary while children were performing "Annie" on stage. At this point, one person is dead and five are critically wounded. Three members of the congregation bravely tackled the gunman and held him until he was caught by Knoxville police.

Knoxville was the first place I had a home of my own after leaving the home I was raised in, so it has that special place in my memories. My thoughts are with them all.

More at CNN.

More from Knox Views.

Update: More from Knox News. None of the children present were hurt:

Make sure everyone knows that Greg McKendry was a hero, a total hero.

Update 2: Suspect motivated by hatred for the liberal movement.

update 3: Three victims improving, one "stable."


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