Friday, July 25, 2008

Yeti Hair DNA Tests...Inconclusive

So far, anyway.

I had to link to this because it allows me to tell my Yeti story: In early 1987 I was walking down a Himalayan mountain trail, alone, toward a little town when a scream that set my hair on end filled the enormous valley. It sounded like a woman - with lungs the size of Volkswagens - screaming in anger/horror, and went on for what seemed like 15 seconds or more. Then two or three trees across the valley started shaking back and forth like mad.

I mean it had to be a Yeti. Right?

I dropped my sack and watched intently for an hour or so, finally continued down, and the sun went down on me. I lost the trail, got very scared, and finally found that town, soaking wet from the creeks I'd forded (and fallen in), my hair full of burrs. People looked at me like I was a Yeti.

Holy crap, I just found a site that mentions and has photos of the cheese factory in a tiny village right near where I stayed, not far from the Yeti incident.

I love parts of my life.


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