Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Close to Apology for Slavery

This type of thing can seem meaningless and nothing but show or worse, but it has its place, in my opinion:

While many states have apologized for slavery, it will be first time a branch of the federal government will apologize for slavery if the resolution passes, an aide to Cohen said.

And it can be done exquisitely:



s said...

I think that their apology is like watching someone crying fake tears, it's an act and things have not changed that much in the U.S. I say this; even if Obama is elected he will still have to answer to others, The President is more like a spokes men that represents the whole government. Every race that is non-white is still finding themselves discriminated against unless of course they play follow the leader. I am a Native American in American who has had my people literally close to total destruction because they also lacked the knowledge of the people who came here not to teach the about Jesus Christ but instead used that as an excuse to kill, steal, and destroy people who did not have the same skin tone as those who seem to have a seat in every country in the world. The Jim Crow law isn’t the only law that has hurt people of color what about the law that took away a American Indian right to be recognized as an Indian “Racial Integrity Act of 1924” which gave non-roll book Indians the name “Colored”. The Jim Crow law is just one of MANY laws that were used on people of color to control them and keep them ignorant. I know this much, there's a season for everything including a time to lose power and a time to know what the other people that were stomped on for centuries feel like. All I can do is forgive them because I know that is what the Lord said to do and not because someone made a speech in order to shut people up temporarily. Most people don't know about the deep rooted hatred most whites still feel about them. Go online and read "The White Man's Bible" do a search in goggle or any other search engine, its there right for your eyes to read. To the modern day White person it is known but unspoken of but the basics of it still exist in their actions with the turned up nosed, the glare when they see you, the pride, the keeping the best for themselves with what one would call "Good ol' Boy Networking" or watch out for your own. Yes it is very disturbing but racism is like a cancer that has sat in this land for a long long time and has killed the roots of this land and the purpose it was made for. You can't expect racism that was here since the 1400's to just go away just because someone said were sorry. That racism exists to keep those who are in power 40 steps ahead of everyone else. In fact, a people with that much power, control, and money instead made a personal choice to "play God" with other peoples lives. Judgment day has not come yet but regardless of what people think the Lord has not forgotten what He has seen here on this planet, for those who don't believe in anyone but yourselves I can't help you with that, he exist whether you choose to acknowledge Him or not, that is your personal choice. No one in the past, present, or in the future who breathes here is above Him even if you have so much pride, power, and wealth that you can't see past that right now. Its going to take more than a apology, a smile on a face, and deceitful heart to sway someone who isn't weak minded enough to believe that there are good intentions behind this new strategy to capture the minds of those who have been exploited even to this day now in a "corporate" arena. Forgiving doesn't mean you should shut up when you know to speak the truth; it just means you don't keep the hatred in your heart. I forgive because I don't want that burden of hate on my back that I know alot of people of color still feel pain about the wrong that was done to there ancestors and possibly to them. Hey, I still remember seeing a white female in this modern day 2008 saying the n-word while referring to someone she was talking about. I had to let the Lord handle that one. All people are valuable and not just a select few who chose to put THEMSELVES on a pedestal. No one else put them there but their own delusional minds and greedy hearts that where filled with pride, and self-worship. You see it everyday no matter what the source of media is, be it T.V., Publishing, Radio or internet.



Anonymous said...

I wish people could see what the Blacks have done to Birmingham Al.
We have alomst 50 killings so far 98% blacks killing. I wish the Great Gov.Wallace was still around.
It's not even safe to go downtown or just down to the store.
I really wish someone would do something about the way this town is run.