Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scott McClellan: We Gave Fox Talking Points

Like Olbermann says in the video, we all knew this was true, but to hear it - it's still shocking. The White House "frequently" fed Fox News commentators talking points so they could spout them on their shows as if they'd thought of them or came by them, while doing reporting work, themselves. They didn't say "We were told today by so and so in the White House," which would have been actually doing honest journalism, they'd just report the talking points as if it were honest news. It could have been something like "Things are going great in Iraq, there are definitely WMDs in Iraq, it was just a few bad apples at Abu Ghraib, and the like.

Fox News was and is a branch of the White House. The propaganda branch.

Like Rachel Maddow says, it just makes you mad. What brings good people to keep voting for people like this? And like she also says, "That's propaganda, and it's supposed to be illegal."


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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Scott McClellan: We gave FOX talking points
Rest of Freaking World: Duh!

Next on The Duh! Report, was Barry Bonds using steroids? Well, yeah.