Monday, July 07, 2008

One of the Reasons I Read Balloon Juice

I came across the blog of John Cole, the very popular Balloon Juice, about a year ago, I'd guess, long after his break from the mind-boggling policies and actions of the Modern Republican Party. This small paragrapah highlights why he's become a must-read for so many on both the Right and the Left:

Read the whole thing, as it is just heartbreaking. In a just world, people like me who cheerleaded this disaster would have to pay a price for our foolishness. As it is, I have learned a horrible lesson at the expense of thousands American dead and tens of thousands of American wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars. It isn’t right.

I don't care if I still disagree with him about every other social policy and concept in existence; statements like that show him to be among the most reasonable people, on the Right or Left, writing on the internets today.


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