Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Athiests in the Military

This is disturbing:

Two years ago on Thanksgiving Day, after refusing to pray at his table, Hall said he was told to go sit somewhere else. In another incident, when he was nearly killed during an attack on his Humvee, he said another soldier asked him, “Do you believe in Jesus now?”

Hall isn’t seeking compensation in his lawsuit—just the guarantee of religious freedom in the military. Eventually, Hall was sent home early from Iraq and later returned to Fort Riley in Junction City, Kansas, to complete his tour of duty.

He also said he missed out on promotions because he is an atheist.

“I was told because I can’t put my personal beliefs aside and pray with troops I wouldn’t make a good leader,” Hall said.

The guy put his body on the line for the U.S. -through two tours in Iraq - and that's repaid with institutionalized bigotry. That is fundamentally and up its walls and all over its roof Un-American.

PZ Meyers has more.


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