Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It is Just Like Vietnam!

Forced Iraq postings for State Department employees:

The State Department has relied solely on volunteers to fill overseas jobs in recent decades. Forced assignments have not been used since the Vietnam War era.

And the employees are not happy:

And I'm sorry, but basically that is a potential death sentence and you know it. Who will raise our children if we are dead or wounded?

Maybe George Bush and Condi Rice will.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

College Football Finish Extraordinaire

Okay, even if you don't like football, or sports in general, see if you don't find yourself coming out of your chair as you watch this. Bonus: small time announcers losing their minds at the end.

Print version here.


A Waterboarder on Waterboarding

From the "Must Read" file:

As a former Master Instructor and Chief of Training at the US Navy Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School (SERE) in San Diego, California I know the waterboard personally and intimately. SERE staff were required undergo the waterboard at its fullest. I was no exception. I have personally led, witnessed and supervised waterboarding of hundreds of people.

One of many quotes that jump out:

Most people can not stand to watch a high intensity kinetic interrogation. One has to overcome basic human decency to endure watching or causing the effects. The brutality would force you into a personal moral dilemma between humanity and hatred. It would leave you to question the meaning of what it is to be an American.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Foreclosure suicide

Here's a story that'll ruin your day.

And at the end:

Residents noted there had been a number of foreclosures in the neighborhood lately.



Sunday, October 28, 2007

Petraeus' Spokesman About to be Transferred


I received this morning an unsolicited email from Col. Steven A. Boylan, the Public Affairs Officer and personal spokesman for Gen. David G. Petraeus.

Unbelievable and happening right now story, with more background than just this, but it's an important piece. More here.


John Cole is on a Roll


Another soldier has a dog-killing story from Iraq:

Without hesitation, indeed with genuine glee, the driver accelerated and apparently ran down one of the dogs (in the dark, from my position, all I know for sure is that there was a bump).

Madness to ensue shortly.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Riehl Whacked Crapnoodles

This piece of crap has to be seen to be believed. It'd be too tiresome and stupid-making to flesh it out, so I'll just give the response that I left over there. Uk.

Riehl writes a post based on pasted together crapnoodles and impossibly-far-reaching speculation, Xanthippas points that out, and Pablo accuses Xanthippas of speculation and strawmanning (yes, that IS a word). Wow.

And holy freaking crap that is the stretchiest bit of stretched out bullshiat of a story I've perhaps ever seen.

A rewrite:

"Researching the latest bit of WaPo bad news out of Iraq"...I found a way to make a wholly unrelated thing to the story, which is about how these American soldiers feel about being in Iraq - which is NOT GOOD - seem related to the story in a way that, it you follow me, makes it seem like the MSM is lying about the GOOD NEWS in Iraq. To top that bit of absolute truth-buggery, the wholly unrelated thing that I duct-taped to the story is...wait for it...the story of an Iraqi reporter who was murdered in Iraq.


Pablo and Dan Riehl. A match made in truth-buggery.

And, oh, perfect - it's Scott Thomas Beauchamp's unit. That'll really make the wingers nuts.



Oh, this is good. I mean - ausgezeichnet!. "The Train Song" live, from a BBC special, 1970.


Sadly No! News

If you don't know a bit of the background or the characters, it won't be funny. If you do: HeeeeeYaLarious.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stinky Filipino Tofu?

Malkin, the person who is not a racist of any kind in any way. (Via) [Link fixed]

Update: I really should have linked to this earlier. The point being that Malkin, in what must have been a truly vile moment when she wrote that post, went after the Chinese using a tofu angle. Tofu, one might want to tell her, has also been a traditional food of the Philippines for ages.


Gigantic Circle-Jerk Taking Over RW Blogosphere

Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the man the RW wankosphere can't stop fantasizing about:

SHOCK DOCS: THE NEW REPUBLIC 'SHOCK TROOPS' STORY COLLAPSES — The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained internal documents from the investigation of THE NEW REPUBLIC'S "Baghdad Diarist", Scott Thomas Beauchamp, an Army private turned war correspondent who reported tales of military malfeasance from the Iraq War front.

Who has linked (so far) to this most important story ever in the whole history of the universe?

The Corner, Power Line, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, The Weekly Standard, Captain's Quarters, The Jawa Report, Redstate, Wizbang, Riehl World View, Protein Wisdom, Instapundit, Sister Toldjah, Confederate Yankee, Ace of Spades,

Just to name a few.

The crux of the story, according to Drudge:

The documents appear to expose that once the veracity of Beauchamp's diaries were called into question, and an Army investigation ensued, THE NEW REPUBLIC has failed to publicly account for publishing slanderous falsehoods about the U.S. military in a time of war.

Somewhere a member of the U.S. military is turning over in his jail cell.

And a 14-year-old girl is turning over in her grave.

More from John Cole.


Santorum: Jesus on Sunday, Satan Mon-Sat

Former Important Person Rick Santorum tries to make a point about how wet all our pants should be. And then falls down in his own puddle:

"Islam, unlike Christianity, is an all-encompassing ideology,” said Santorum, a Penn State alumnus. “It is not just something you do on Sunday…. We (as Americans) don’t get that.”

Jesus according to Rick: Love thy neighbor... wait, is it Tuesday?! Oh screw them..."


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"CIA agent who helped kill Che Guevara to sell icon's hair"

I haven't finished counting how many things are wrong with this story. But it's a whole lot.

Forget for the moment your political position and how you feel about Che Guevara. What we're talking about with this auction is that this guy was an employee of the U.S. government when he killed, or helped kill, someone deemed an enemy by the U.S. Imagine a CIA operative today - auctioning off body parts of Iraqis he killed.

This is truly sick.

Update: Sold.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Coordinated Hissy Kabuki

Digby on the Fighting Fainting Couch Kids latest outrage.

CNN is all over it, tiresomely pressing every passing person as to whether they will repudiate or condemn this even though it's clearly another coordinated hissy kabuki designed to distract from the fact that they just upheld their 24% president's veto of a popular program to help sick children. The know it. We know it. And the republicans know it. It doesn't matter.

The press, undoubtedly feeling terribly vulnerable after reluctantly reporting on the Stalkin' Malkin atrocity, are anxious to appease the wolfpack. Come one, come all, to the latest rightwing freak show and ritual humiliation pageant! News at 11.


[Updated] Damn: Lucky Dube Has Been Murdered

I did a weekly "World Beat" radio show for three years in the early 90s and in that time got to know the music of Lucky Dube (doo BAY - I think).

He really was one of the special ones. I'll try to find some of the music.

Update: Got a great one. "Victims":

Peace and strength to his family and friends.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

On eBay: Reid's "Phony soldiers" Letter to Clear Channel

Remember the letter Harry Reid wrote to clear Channel Communications, asking Rush Limbaugh to apologize for his "phony soldiers" comment?

It's for sale on eBay:

When "Dingy Harry" Reid and the U.S. Senate turned away from the business of the nation to instead smear a private citizen, forty-one of them sent a letter demanding the "repudiation" of their inaccurate interpretation of Rush Limbaugh's comments about Jesse Al-Zaid (a.k.a. Jesse MacBeth) and other "phony soldiers" who falsify their service. This letter was delivered to Mark Mays of Clear Channel Communications, Rush Limbaugh's syndication partner, and widely quoted in the Drive-By Media.

Up for auction is the original letter signed by 41 Democrat senators. This historic document may well represent the first time in the history of America that this large a group of U.S. senators attempted to demonize a private citizen by lying about his views. As such, it is a priceless memento of the folly of Harry Reid and his 40 senatorial co-signers.

The seller has no history on ebay And: "Current bid: US $117,300.00."

So, if I'm understanding this, Reid sent a letter to Mark P. Mays, CEO of Clear Channel, and Mays either gave it to someone who put it up for auction, or he put it up for auction himself.

UPDATE: Looks like this is Limbaugh himself, in one of his "funny" (The 1/2 Hour News Hour kind of funny) moments:

Rush first publicly displayed this letter on the night of October 11th during a speech in Philadelphia, having a security operative carry it on stage, with the letter itself safely encased in a Halliburton Attache case handcuffed to the agent's right wrist. Included in this auction is that same Halliburton briefcase, as well as a personal letter from Rush Limbaugh, thanking the winning bidder for his donation. The special handcuffs may not be distributed outside of law enforcement and security officers, and thus are not included in this auction.

As winning bidder, you get:
- The original and infamous "Harry Reid Smear" letter, signed by 41 Democat senators
- The Halliburton briefcase in which this letter is secured 24 hours a day
- A personal letter of thanks from the Man Who Runs America, Rush Limbaugh
- A photograph of Rush displaying the letter on stage in Philadelphia on October 11th


Reducing U.S. Casulaties

What exactly was the surge supposed to accomplish? Atrios:

The decline in US casualties over the last couple of months (especially, so far, this month) appears to be real and therefore something to of course applaud. But it hasn't achieved any political progress. If the goal is to reduce US casualties in Iraq the simplest way is to, you know, get US troops out of Iraq.

Sounds reasonable.


George W. Video Blog


Sad Kangaroo

I'm one sad kangaroo without my Tin Tin.

[Editor: This post stays at the top for a while. New posts below.]


Wilkersons on Countdown

Updating this post, the Wilkersons speak for themselves.


It's Not a Lie: It's Just Something I Said

Something I said that I happened to know wasn't true when I said it. That doesn't mean it's a lie.


New Republican Presidential Candidate?

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a new frontrunner.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NRO: Let the baby die [Updated]

Dara and Bo Wilkerson had a baby, Bethany, in 2005. At three months she was diagnosed with a heart defect. The Wilkersons both work in a restaurant, have no medical insurance, and used the SCHIP program to pay for Bethany's treatment - and save her life. They appear in a new ad for the program, hoping, like the Frosts, that other children will benefit from it too. The Wilkersons say they expect attacks similar to those the Frosts endured, but don't fear them.

The NRO's Mark Hemingway begins the attacks today:

While USAction and a labyrinthine maze of leftist activist groups prepare to rally around images of Tampa Bay’s Most Photogenic Baby holding up a crayon sign that says “Don’t Veto Me,” Dara and Brian Wilkerson are real poster children — for irresponsible decisions.

On the conference call, Dara admitted to me that she and Brian had been talking about having children since before they were married. She further admitted that after they were married she voluntarily left a job at a country club that had good health insurance, because the situation was “unmanageable.” From there she took a job at a restaurant with no health insurance, and the couple went on to have a baby anyway, presuming that others would pay for it and certainly long before they knew their daughter would have heart defect that probably cost the gross national product of Burkina Faso to fix. But not knowing about future health problems is the reason we have insurance in the first place.

Mark Hemingway is here to tell you how and when and why and under what circumstances you will have a child.

Mark Hemingway is here to tell you what you will talk about with your partner before marriage. It will not be about babies.

Mark Hemingway will tell you where you will work. You "voluntarily left a job ... that had good health insurance, because the situation was 'unmanageable'"? Too bad. You can't have a baby. If you have had one, you are guilty of making an "irresponsible decision," and you do not deserve public assistance if that baby becomes sick. You were irresponsible. The baby must die. Also: you will be publicly derided for your irresponsible decisions. And you will be investigated. We will look in your garbage cans. We will find out how much your underwear is worth.

We will compare you to Mark Hemingway.

Mark Hemingway will say this:

We know that Dara is at least capable of getting a job with insurance — so why does she not have one now?

This is not about whether or not your child needed public assistance to continue living. This is about you answering Mark Hemingway's questions. You must answer his questions about your moral character and your worthiness as a human being.

Even if it is difficult insure her child’s pre-existing condition, what about her and her husband’s health? Perhaps it’s rude to ask that question, but I think it’s rude to accept huge amounts of public assistance and then express gratitude by asking taxpayers to extend a Children’s health program to cover college-age kids who come from households making more than $80,000 a year.

Mark Hemingway will not always make sense. He will lose his way. He will become nonsensical, childish, and pouty. This is no matter. You must respond.

1) "What about you and your husband's health?" (Mark Hemingway cares about you. Let the baby die.)

2) "Did you call me rude? [No.] Well I think YOU'RE rude. You get SCHIP assistance and your baby doesn't die and you're like - 'Woo hoo! Go SCHIP assistance!' That is so rude!"

3) "What about XXX? Huh? Huh? That is REALLY rude." (XXX refers to Mark Hemingway at this point, in accordance with the NRO template, dropping in unsourced, distorting, and already well-circulated talking points regarding his argument. The talking points in this case: "...asking taxpayers to extend a Children’s health program to cover college-age kids who come from households making more than $80,000 a year." See comments here on that.)

The big finish:

Which brings us to another salient point — Bethany Wilkerson is healthy. She is covered by existing programs and has already received the much [sic] of the medical care she needs. The current debate centers on expanding the program, not kicking the Frosts and the Wilkersons to the curb.

Again: Mark Hemingway will not always make sense. He will run back over his own argument like a drunk on a bulldozer, again and again contradicting himself. This is also no matter. Mark Hemingway was not talking about the current baby that Mark Hemingway was talking about before. He was also not talking about current parents he talked about before. He is talking about other parents. Their babies must die.

So I hope Bethany grows up strong — I’m worried about her. Not because I’m worried that the state won’t take care of her, but I’m afraid that her parents will continue to set a bad example. In which case, she’ll need all the help she can get.

Mark Hemingway, was, on the other hand, talking about current baby. And current parents. Current loser parents. With loser baby.

UPDATE: Dara Wilkerson regarding the "irresponsible decision" to change jobs:

We have seen the statement about my previous employment and here is what we have to say: I left my previous place of employment years before Bethany became part of our lives. I am a hard working woman. I have worked at Snappers Sea Grill for over 6 years. It is a good work environment and I am a loyal employee. My husband and I were blessed with Bethany two years ago and we are even more blessed to still have her with us today.

More from Bill Scher at the Huffington Post and at the Campaign for America's Future.


Frost Smear Spread From Senate Office

McConnell aide admits spreading blog smear to reporters.

Here's what's missing from the story: That aide says he saw the story on the blogs, then pointed reporters to it. But that same aide probably fed the info to the blogs in the first place. Pure speculation on my part, but how did those bloggers get that financial information on the family so quickly? Would the average Joe get it all that fast? No way. They got help.


Monday, October 15, 2007

An Inconvenient (and Idiotic) Brit

Just too Funny:

The school governor who challenged the screening of Al Gore's climate change documentary in secondary schools was funded by a Scottish quarrying magnate who established a controversial lobbying group to attack environmentalists' claims about global warming.

Stewart Dimmock's high-profile fight to ban the film being shown in schools was depicted as a David and Goliath battle...

But it turned into a "lying corporate bastards versus the truth" battle...

The Observer has established that Dimmock's case was supported by a powerful network of business interests with close links to the fuel and mining lobbies. He was also supported by a Conservative councillor in Hampshire, Derek Tipp.

Dimmock credited the little-known New Party with supporting him in the test case but did not elaborate on its involvement. The obscure Scotland-based party calls itself 'centre right' and campaigns for lower taxes and expanding nuclear power.

Records filed at the Electoral Commission show the New Party has received nearly all of its money - almost £1m between 2004 and 2006 - from Cloburn Quarry Limited, based in Lanarkshire.

The company's owner and chairman of the New Party, Robert Durward, is a long-time critic of environmentalists. With Mark Adams, a former private secretary to Tony Blair, he set up the Scientific Alliance, a not-for-profit body comprising scientists and non-scientists, which aims to challenge many of the claims about global warming.


George Bush Changed Everything

And you thought it was 9/11.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

LT on iTunes

Programming note: Heartfelt thanks to the folks who've bought single songs and full CDs via iTunes and Rhapsody over the last many months. (Other buying options at the top right of the page.) I'm not a big seller, as you might imagine, and each sale is noticed and enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it more.


Wingers Show Their Colors

No pun intended.

But the stated form of the objection concerned not King's race but his obnoxiousness as a man. He was a windbag. He was pompous and self-dramatizing, He was holier than thou. Plus, he had started getting involved where he didn't belong, in raising questions about the Vietnam War. Through the rest of Martin Luther King's life, the father of my best home-town friend always went out of his way to refer sneeringly to "Martin Luther Nobel."


"Immunity" for White House Crimes

"IMMUNITY" IS NOT the word that should be being used to highlight and headline stories regarding the case of the telecoms and the FISA bill. "Retroactive immunity" is not even right. These terms put the focus of this story on the telecoms. It belongs on the White House. If the word is going to be used at all, it should be along the lines of "Bush seeking protection for possible White House crimes with immunity request."

Here's my Senator on this:

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., an intelligence committee member, fears the language would go far beyond protecting private companies and their employees, also giving cover to any government officials who may have broken the law.

“I and others are going to make sure that anything that is done is done in a narrow, targeted way,” Wyden said.

"Giving cover to government officials who may have broken the law." Like Alberto Gonazales, Dick Cheney, and George Bush, along with a host of others.

Most people know that this is what's going on, but I think our headlines should reflect that, and the "Bush seeking immunity for telecoms" isn't forwarding that correct message. This is about stopping the dozens of lawsuits currently ongoing against the telecoms - and explicitly to stop what would be revealed in those cases were allowed to go through.

And they're not just waiting for this FISA bill, they're desperately fighting in court to get the cases squashed even without this legislation. And they may win.

SAn appeals court in San Francisco is weighing the government's argument that these cases should be thrown out on the grounds that the subject matter is a "state secret" and that its disclosure would jeopardize national security.

More from Wired:

The telecoms are defending themselves against some 50 lawsuits seeking damages and a halt to the cooperation. Nearly all of those are consolidated in a San Francisco federal court, where lawyers for the government, rights groups, and the telecoms are waiting for the 9th Circuit Appeals Court to rule on whether the suits must be dismissed on the grounds that they will endanger national security.

Why doesn't the Bush administration want these suits to go through? It's not national security. It's just not. They're lying. They are covering their own asses.

Editor's note: I am not a crook. Nor a lawyer. Please inform me of any ridiculous errors I may have made.


Insult Pat Robertson: Get Sent to Psychiatrist

Almost funny:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A Regent University law student who posted an unflattering photo of Regent president Pat Robertson on his Facebook page has been indefinitely suspended pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Adam M. Key was told by a dean in an e-mail Friday that he was concerned about Key's "emotional well-being" and that several students have recently expressed concern about Key's "interpersonal behavior."

The students "have reported, among other things, that you said that you brought a gun on campus,


Key said he has never brought a gun on campus or told fellow students that he had. "I've never owned or carried a gun," he said.


Powerline Does Parody

In a piece entitled The intellectual collapse of the Democratic Party, Scott Johnson at Powerline points to an article in the Weekly Standard titled The Stupid Party.

I didn't read it. (Well, I perused it. it's about filthy, vulgar bloggers hippies. Again.)

But the phrase "Stupid Party" did bring something to mind. And something else.

And here's the current leader of the Stupid Party.


Shaker Visual Poetry

This is really something else.


Brent Bozell and the Jesus-hating Beer

Extraordinarily ridiculous and offensive Brent Bozell is doing his part to help Malkin's "Boycott Miller" tantrum.

From the Boz:

Last year, Miller infuriated opponents of illegal immigration when the Chicago Tribune reported it paid $30,000 for a convention and newspaper ads publicizing a march of illegal-alien advocates to protest against Speaker Dennis Hastert's congressional office in Batavia, Ill. Consumers launched a national boycott.

Apparently, Miller learned nothing.

They learned nothing, you knucklehead, because the "national boycott" included you, Michelle Malkin, and 14 people who don't drink.

The outrage factory keeps spitting out the, uh, spit.


MMalkin Hates the Wall Street Journal

The breakdown continues.

Oh, and she hates President Bush too.

It's the creepy kind of thing that's kind of fun to watch...from a safe distance.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Malkin the Reporter: Email From "Neighbor"

Malkin goes deeper into the toilet regarding the Frost family:

This question is for grown-ups only: Who deserves government-subsidized health insurance? What if I told you I drove these three cars (photos are showroom models):

A Volvo SUV…

A GMC Suburban…

And a nice, big Ford F250 Pickup work truck…

Those are the cars owned by the Frost family, Malkin assures us, and she posts photos of three spanking-new models of these cars to drive her brilliant "grown up" point home. And on what evidence does she "report" the auto-owning information? From an "unsolicited email" from someone who claims to be a neighbor. The person is obviously not a friend, and is also obviously a Right Winger of the Malkin kind:

I received an unsolicited e-mail this week from a neighbor of the Frost family, the family held up by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the entitlement expansionist Democrats. He wrote:

They’re good people. Terribly misguided, pathetically leftist buffoons, but still good people. It was a terrible accident and Bonnie is quite beat up with guilt over the events. Lots of neighbors pitched in to cook meals and help out… Bonnie works half time doing freelance editorial work and Halsey, an incredibly disorganized lovable goofball, just can’t seem to hold down a proper job or, when he’s tried, to run a proper company. He’s a millwork carpenter and does great work installing custom interior and exterior trimwork and cabinetry. He should be making great money but can’t get out of his way…

…Still, we make choices, right? They have three vehicles - a nice new volvo SUV, a Suburban, and his F250 Ford Pickup work truck, a nice house, and all four kids go to private school. Not sure where the money comes from, but they don’t make all that much. Should they be the poster child for S-CHIP? Heck no….

I wonder if somebody bought them a car. Or two. And I wonder in what kind of shape the cars are in, and if they're all being used. And if the "neighbor" is a neighbor, quite honestly. Am I supposed to take Malkin's word for it?

And I wonder too if the intermittent and part-time work has something to do with the fact that two of their children are brain-damaged.


Supreme Court Declares George W. Bush Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Please give a big round of applause to the winner of this year's Nobel Snark Prize.


Nobel Prize Committee Invents New Superbomb

Look out for exploding wingnuts everywhere you turn for at least the next week. Probably longer.

Thank you, Nobel Prize Committe dudes. You rock.


Governance under George W. Bush

Where the investigated get to investigate the investigators:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 — The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael V. Hayden, has ordered an unusual internal inquiry into the work of the agency’s inspector general, whose aggressive investigations of the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation programs and other matters have created resentment among agency operatives.

A small team working for General Hayden is looking into the conduct of the agency’s watchdog office, which is led by Inspector General John L. Helgerson. Current and former government officials said the review had caused anxiety and anger in Mr. Helgerson’s office and aroused concern on Capitol Hill that it posed a conflict of interest.


Any move by the agency’s director to examine the work of the inspector general would be unusual, if not unprecedented, and would threaten to undermine the independence of the office, some current and former officials say.

"Anxiety and Anger." Yeah. That's what investigators and juries in mob cases felt too.


Welcome to 1920

The top one percent:

The top percentile of wealthy Americans earned 21.2 percent of all income in 2005, up from 19 percent in 2004, according to new Internal Revenue Service data published in the Wall Street Journal Friday.

Americans in the bottom 50 percent of wage earners saw their share of income shrink to 12.8 percent in 2005, down from 13.4 percent.

But please - go ahead and keep voting Republican. It's much more important to VOTE BY SPITE than to actually care about the well being of Americans. And who knows: maybe we'll get another unneccessary war, too.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mark Hemingway Linked by Malkin - Updated

The National Review Online's Mark Hemingway gets an approving link from Michelle Malkin for his essay, "WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN SO MUCH?!"

Malkin linked to it because it suits her perfectly: the premise of the piece is not just steeped in denial and laughably hypocritical, it's embarrassingly easy to be shown as such. (I could go on all day. Really.)

And Mark, I've got to ask you, after you label Graeme Frost a victim of "Manipulated Child Syndrome," why do you hate that 12-year-old boy so much?

Congratulations on the Malkin link.

UPDATE: I really should have highlighted this:

As per one of the major policy critiques of SCHIP, several people have raised questions about the Frost family’s relative need for taxpayer funded insurance, but for Democrats the only important SCHIP question is WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN SO MUCH?!

Uh, Mark. The "several people" who "raised questions" WERE ALL WRONG. All of them. You know that, this is sure, but you pretend not to? Ouch, that is so obvious.

And why DO you hate children so much?


Filipino-American Sentenced for Espionage

For some time now Michelle Malkin (née Maglalang) has been helping keep America safe from murderous hordes of foreigners by alerting us every time she hears about a horrendous crime committed by an illegal alien.

You may find that bizarre and deceiving and dangerously inflammatory, and so forth, since horrendous crimes are obviously often committed by people who aren't illegal aliens. Jeffrey Dahmer, for example, was not an illegal alien. Nor was John Wayne Gacy, or Timothy McVeigh, just to give a few examples from the Horrendous Hall of Fame. Given such an obvious truth, you might say that attempting to make a connection between illegal aliens and horrendous crimes makes as much sense as attempting to make a connection between white American citizens and horrendous crimes. Or Filipino-Americans and horrendous crimes.

But you would be deceiving yourself with clearheaded thinking and logic and other such Liberal nonsense.

With all that in mind, I would like to begin to do my part to make America more safe by alerting you, on a regular basis, to crimes committed by Filipino-Americans, which might or might not happen a lot more often than you think. Even crimes like the ultra-unAmerican - espionage.

More to come.


Man Found Innocent - of Feeding Homeless

Another criminal gets away with the crime.


They Should Be Registered as a Hated Group, II

Darling of the Modern Right Wing Ann Coulter wants something done to the Jews:

When pressed by Deutsch regarding whether she wanted to be like "the head of Iran" and "wipe Israel off the Earth," Coulter stated: "No, we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say."

"We don't want to wipe Isael off the map - we just don't want any Jews there."

Your Modern Republican Party.

Deutsch was freaking out by the end. Good for him.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SexyDave and HarrisCustomMusic

Sexy Dave says we all need to go to Harris Custom Music and see the Standup Washtub Bass that Harris made for him. There's even a sound sample.

I've seen it. I've heard it. It's a thing of beauty - both senses.

Here's another photo, with Sexy Dave on the beast.

And check out Harris's other guitars too.